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Indoor and Outdoor Trash Cans and Recycle Bins
Indoor and Outdoor Trash Cans and Recycle Bins (8)
Multistream Recycle Bins
Multistream Recycle Bins (9)
Advertising Receptacles
Advertising Receptacles (16)
Stadium Series Trash Cans and Recycle Bins
Stadium Series Trash Cans and Recycle Bins (7)
DHS Compliant Clear Sided Receptacles
DHS Compliant Clear Sided Receptacles (20)
BearSaver Bear-Resistant Enclosures
BearSaver Bear-Resistant Enclosures
Cart Garage - Unique Receptacles with Poly Cart Inside!
Cart Garage - Unique Receptacles with Poly Cart Inside! (13)
School Recycling Bins, Containers & Campus Trash Cans
School Recycling Bins, Containers & Campus Trash Cans (7)
Donation Collection Bins
Donation Collection Bins (9)
e-Waste Collection Bin
e-Waste Collection Bin (1)
Medical Waste Containers, Kiosks, Trash Cans, Bins
Medical Waste Containers, Kiosks, Trash Cans, Bins (4)
Custom Trash Cans and Recycle Bins
Custom Trash Cans and Recycle Bins (2)
Convenience Store Advertising Trash Cans & Recycling Bins
Convenience Store Advertising Trash Cans & Recycling Bins (3)
ValueLine Series - Economically Priced Receptacles
ValueLine Series - Economically Priced Receptacles (3)
Food Court Waste Receptacle
Food Court Waste Receptacle (2)
Document Control Cart Enclosure
Document Control Cart Enclosure (1)
Logo Trash Cans and Recycle Bins
Logo Trash Cans and Recycle Bins (2)
Urban Park Receptacles
Urban Park Receptacles (2)
City Streets Receptacles
City Streets Receptacles (2)
Towel Return Station
Towel Return Station (1)
Hot Coal Containers
Hot Coal Containers (3)
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Welcome to Securr
where you can enjoy great service and everyday low prices by dealing with the

trash can manufacturer


That's right, we're not a distributor, we make them right here in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in beautiful Southern California.

We produce a wide variety of trash cans and recycle bins to service many applications including advertising, Homeland Security, residential, commercial, private and municipal. Also, a huge selection of animal proof receptacles are available through our world famous BearSaver line!

SECURRô - Engineering and Innovation... At Your Disposal.

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Trash Can Manufacturers

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When you buy your trash cans, recycling bins and other waste receptacles from Securr, you donít have to worry about choosing from among a variety of different trash can manufacturers. With all of our trash and recycling containers designed and manufactured in our Ontario, California factory, you can avoid confusion while saving money by eliminating the middleman.

Securr manufactures and sells our products direct from our factory in California.

Buy High-Quality Products at Affordable Prices with Securr

Unlike other trash can manufacturers, Securr allows you to purchase your waste receptacles directly from the factory. By using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, we are able to design quality products that are easily translated and understood by our computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines. In this way, we are capable of producing new products quickly, efficiently and with great precision. In short, you do not have to sacrifice quality while saving money with Securr.

Find the Right Waste Receptacle to Meet Your Needs

When you purchase your waste receptacle directly from a trash can manufacturer, you save money while also having the opportunity to get assistance with selecting the right product to suit your needs. In fact, you will find all of the following types of trash cans right here on Trash-Cans.com:
  • Animal-proof trash cans
  • Billboard trash and recycling receptacles
  • Collection cans
  • Custom-designed waste receptacles
  • Garbage carts
  • Indoor waste receptacles
  • Medical kiosks
  • Out-of-home advertising waste bins
  • Outdoor trash cans and recycling bins
Since Securr engineers, manufactures and sells its trash cans and recycling receptacles, you can count our customer service representatives to be fully knowledgeable about what each of our products has to offer. Furthermore, if you have a special request that needs to be met, we have the ability to address those needs and to create a custom-designed receptacle just for you. To learn more about what makes Securr different from other trash can manufactures or to discuss your needs, give Securr a call at 1-888-671-7066. We are confident we have the perfect waste receptacle for you.

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